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    James Hurysz was born in New York City just after World War II ended. In fact, both of his parents were born in the city. He attended private schools in Western and Central New York that prepared him for college. Jim then served in the United States Army for two years. Before joining the US Department of Commerce, he worked as a Quality Assurance expert for a number of major industrial enterprises.


    Former government employee James Hurysz now works as a quality assurance consultant for a number of major industrial enterprises in the Northeast. Because of the collapse in manufacturing in the Northeast, Jim relocated to Arlington County. His QA consulting services, which included information QA, were made accessible to Southeast industrial enterprises.


    As a result, James Hurysz decided to run for Arlington Board of Supervisors in the Democratic primary. He ran for Congress twice as an Independent after quitting the Democratic Party (2004, 2006). The Commonwealth of Virginia does not need party registration, and it is common for candidates to run for public office as Independents.) He campaigned on a platform that urged the US to remain out of third-world wars and to prepare for the enormous population boom that is projected in the twenty-first century.


    After standing for Congress, James Hurysz grew more worried about his hometown's diminishing quality of life as a result of increased urbanization. He backed candidates for local, state, and national government because they shared his desire to improve the community's quality of life. After Jim's death, he continued to provide quality assurance (QA) services to industrial enterprises in order to preserve the long-term stability of the economy, environment, and society.

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